How well do you know the Gummers?

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You know Meryl Streep right?! Well, this quiz is about her & her family. Pretty simple, not too hard. Just some basic facts you should know if you're a MERYL FAN.

How well do you know the Gummers? That's right. Meryl Streep's children & husband. I think this is the 1st ever quiz about them. so be the 1st to take. :)

Created by: Elle
  1. Which Gummer is the oldest child?
  2. Which Gummer is the youngest child?
  3. How Many children do Meryl & Don have?
  4. What color hair does grace have?
  5. How old is Louisa?
  6. Where did Mamie attend college?
  7. When is Don's birthday?
  8. What phone does Meryl have?
  9. What year was Grace born?
  10. What car does meryl have?
  11. What occupation does Henry have?
  12. What occupation does Don have?
  13. What is Louisa's middle name?
  14. What year did Meryl win her Oscar for Sophie's Choice?
  15. When did Meryl & Don tie the knot?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Gummers?