how well do you know the gooding band?

many people claim to love the gooding band. many people also claim to know everything about the gooding band. this is a little test to see how much you know about the greatest band in the world.

do you know as much as you think you know about the gooding band? take this little quiz that their biggest fanboy (me) put together to test your knowledge of gooding and his band of brothers.

Created by: syd of the illuminatrix
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  1. factory __________:
  2. licorice and __________ kool-aid
  3. gooding's first name is
  4. gooding's first solo album
  5. life ________
  6. gooding and jesse have ben together since:
  7. jesse's last name is
  8. live at loft ______
  9. what is the name of tha band's dvd
  10. the band hails from
  11. which album is not available at the mercandise booth
  12. which band were gooding and jesse in before the goding band
  13. who was the lead singer of gooding and jesse's other band
  14. what rap group did gooding and chief form
  15. ________ of school
  16. gooding's favorite band
  17. gooding likes to drink
  18. gooding plays
  19. billy plays
  20. jesse plays
  21. syd's tattoo of goodings logo is on his
  22. who writes the sandbox

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the gooding band?