How well do you know the Dursley's

Thank you for doing this quiz it spent me 5 months to do this but remember the wrong answers so you don’t do it again and remember when you the wrong this just try again.

If you don’t know the answer than guess!If you don’t know Harry Potter then go read the books and then watch the movies because the movies didn’t put in all the bits from the books!

Created by: Harry Potter
  1. Who was the father to the Dursley’s?
  2. Who lived with the Dursley’s!
  3. Where do the Dursley’s live?
  4. Who is the youngest Dursley?
  5. Who is the Dursley that has no neck?
  6. Who is the Dursley who eats a lot?
  7. Who is the only girl there
  8. Who is the person who lived in the cupboard under the stairs!
  9. Who is the wizard?
  10. Who is aunt petunia’s sister

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Dursley's