Vernon...Vernon Dudley

We've all read the harry potter books. If you haven't, you'd better get started. And we all want to know what house we're in. Are we brave? And what does that mean? Does it really mean Gryffindor? Which house are we really?

We don't have Hogwarts sorting hat. No one could have that. But we do have the next best thing. Each other. Test yourself against my quiz and see for yourself!

Created by: Vernon Dudley
  1. You wake up on your own, in a small, one room house with no memories. The room is empty, except for a door in front of you. Upon opening it, you see six paths. Which do you take?
  2. Traveling further down the path, you reach an old man, sitting on a stump, looking famished. You have, to your surprise, a small amount of bread and cheese. What do you do?
  3. Further down the road, you find a giant castle, and in the orchard close to you, a princess. She notices you, and walks up to you. What do you say?
  4. The princess lets you stay in the castle, perhaps reluctantly, but tells you that the king is away,and that they were trying to make a celebration for him, but it wasn't good enough. You offer to help. How?
  5. The king is thrilled by the celebration, and asks to see you. He asks: "What brings you here?" What do you say?
  6. The king says that they are looking for a bard to tell stories to the court. He wants to see how good you are. What story do you tell?
  7. The king liked you story, but not that much, so he sends you on your way. But before you go, he lets you pick out two things- clothing and a weapon. Clothing first.
  8. Now for the weapons,
  9. Which animal?
  10. An finally... what do you think?

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