How well do you know the dragon prince?

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If you want to test your skills on knowledge of the dragon prince than take this quiz! I really hope that you guys like this! I got my inspiration from the love I have of quizes

Ok this is the first quiz that I've ever done, so I really hope its worth your time. And without further ado, lets jump right into the quiz!Also If You Like The Dragon Prince Than Please Check Out My Channel, It Has A Hole Playlist Dedicated to The Dragon Prince

Created by: Johny Cipher of Subscribe to my channel!
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  1. What phrase makes bait flash? Flashing lights are REALLY useful in life! Anyway time to get back to the quiz!
  2. What is the wind breath spell? Sometimes I wish I had a wind breath spell!
  3. Who is the guy in the mirror?
  4. In what episode does Callum use dark magic?
  5. What is the ruin for the lightning spell?
  6. What is baits main colors?
  7. What food does Rayla bring on the adventure to Zadia?
  8. How do you spell the baby dragon?
  9. What personality does prince Ezran have?
  10. What does general Amaya say to ezran after they find the bread in the winter lodge?
  11. When does a thunder dragon lay their egg?
  12. Who is lujanne's pet?
  13. what is the company that produced THE DRAGON PRINCE?
  14. What does Ezran say after he got broken out of the ice in the episode "Through the ice"?
  15. what ends up cutting of rayla's moon band?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the dragon prince?