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Hi I love the dragon prince and can’t wait for the new series and have a great day guys have fun and continue watching the dragon prince hahahahahahahhahaha


Created by: Kayden rules
  1. What is the true name of the dragon king?
  2. What is the elf in the Miorrs name
  3. What is the blind dragons name
  4. What can Esrin do
  5. Who attacked Rayla in the forest
  6. Who said says the guy in the dich
  7. Who says if I may be so bold you’re weird king king esrin
  8. What color does clodias hair turn after her big spell bringing her dad back
  9. How do rayla and Callum get past sol regin
  10. At the end of the day what Kind of flower is it
  11. When is rayla about to tell Callum that their dad is dead
  12. Who says I’m pretty sure it is a snow man
  13. Who is the crow lords assistant
  14. What flower does zim role in
  15. What elf’s take over the base in the volcano
  16. What is the famous smoothie of zadia called
  17. Prince casive of.
  18. What does rayla day after kissing Callum
  19. What is Esrins sword called

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