What The Dragon Prince Character Are You?

If you love the dragon prince, then you must want to know which of the main squad you are. This quiz helps you find out whether you are Callum, Ezran, Rayla, or Bait.

On my YouTube channel I have more cool things. Also, watch more of the dragon prince! If you like this quiz then let me know on my channel. Thanks for taking the quiz! -Jane Oreo.

Created by: Jane Oreo
  1. When you are ticked off, you:
  2. Your element would be:
  3. You like to eat:
  4. You believe your destiny is:
  5. Your best weapon is:
  6. Your relationship with your family is:
  7. In what way do you deal with annoying people?
  8. If you were at a clothes shop, you would choose:
  9. You have to pick an extracurricular activity. You pick:
  10. You are:

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Quiz topic: What The Dragon Prince Character am I?