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In The Dragon Prince fans loved it for all of its characters. So which one are you?I recommend making a quiz here because it’s fun! Have a fun time doing the quiz!

In this quiz the results are:Rayla, Aaravos, Ezran, Callum, Commander Gren, Soren, Opeli, Sol Regem, Lain and Bait. Sorry for missing out some characters. This is my first quiz so hope you enjoy!

Created by: Shapeshiftingshipper
  1. Firstly what time of day do you feel more connected to? Think of when you’re awake and when you are happier. This can also include if you like dreams.
  2. Do you know what you star sign is?
  3. Do you feel a bond to animals?
  4. Out of 7 how useful do you think you are?0 being “I probably slow everyone down” and 7 being “I am amazing at helping!”
  5. Do you know any secret languages?
  6. Do you consider yourself good at fighting in any style?
  7. Are you religious?
  8. Has anyone ever feared you?
  9. Have people ever blamed you for what other people have done?
  10. Are you considered grumpy?

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