How Well Do You Know The Bride & Groom?

There are many people who know the Bride and Groom but this test will show who really knows a lot about each one of them. There are 10 question to answer and hope that you know the right answer to! Test how well you really know the Bride and the Groom! Do not forget to let the Bride and Groom know what you got on the test! It is all part of the fun!

If you have trouble with this quiz, remember that you are on the Bride and Groom's website. Feel free to look around for answers and clues that might help you to answer any of the questions. I can tell you that a few of the answers are on the website if you can find them, so be sure to read carefully!!

Created by: sierra Howerton

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  1. Where did Ben and Andrea meet?
  2. Where did Ben and Andrea meet?
  3. When did Ben and Andrea start dating?
  4. Where do Ben and Andrea live?
  5. How long will Ben and Andrea be together before they are married?
  6. What did Andrea noticed about Ben first?
  7. How many pets to Ben and Andrea have?
  8. What is Andrea's best friend's name?
  9. What is Ben's best friend's name?
  10. Where do Ben and Andrea work?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Bride & Groom?