My Bridal Style

You've been a bridesmaid before. Now it's your turn! What type of bride will you be? Will you be fun, flirty, eco friendly, romantic, modern or trendy? Find out here before someone else tells you.

Do you want to know your bridal style? Once you figure out what type of bride you will be, you will be able to begin the planning process. This quiz will help you decide what vendors you want to use and where you want to have your wedding.

Created by: Ayana Lateef of Fabulous Black Bride
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What type of entertainment will you have at your reception?
  2. What will your dress be like?
  3. What is your ideal honeymoon?
  4. What will your first dance be like?
  5. What's on the menu?
  6. Who are your style icons?
  7. What will you decor be like?
  8. Where will your wedding take place?
  9. How many bridesmaids do you plan to have?
  10. What will your cake be like?

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