Which VIETRI bride are you?

It's a given that all VIETRI brides have incredible taste. Selecting just which of our collections is the perfect one for your newlywed life isn't always easy, though!

If you are wondering which VIETRI bride you are, this quiz will quickly determine your taste, your lifestyle, and whether Lastra, Incanto, or Bellezza is the best collection for you.

Created by: Heather

  1. How would you describe your dream cocktail dress?
  2. What's your dream second home?
  3. What does your made bed look like?
  4. What's your drink of choice?
  5. What's your shoe of choice?
  6. What's your daily jewelry style?
  7. Who is your celebrity style inspiration?
  8. In the kitchen, you
  9. How do you top off your outfit when there's a chill in the air?
  10. You think your husband-to-be looks most dashing in

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Quiz topic: Which VIETRI bride am I?