Which Corpse Bride character are you?

So, you're watching Corpse Bride and you wonder: Which character am I most like? Of course you're probably nor thinking that, but maybe you are. Or you're just browsing through the site and come upon the quiz and decide to take it. Anyway, you've decided to take now and the following paragraph will describe to you what the quiz is about.

Are you Victor, Victoria, Emily, or Bonejangles? Do you understand the tiny peice of trivia at the end that does nothing to the results? Well please, take this quiz. I don't own "Corpse Bride" or any of it's characters. The great Mr. Tim Burton owns them, so please don't sue me. Legal stuff aside, let's get on with the quiz.

Created by: Glasscat13
  1. What's your favourite coluor?
  2. How do you wear your hair?
  3. What are your favourite animals?
  4. How do you imagine you're wedding dress/tuxedo?
  5. Who's your best friend?
  6. Do believe in an afterlife?
  7. Would you rather live in life or death?
  8. Would you marry for love or money?
  9. What's your favourite type of music?
  10. Do you beleive in finding true love?
  11. Okay,just one peice of trivia: What does the plaque on the Everglot's piano say?

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Quiz topic: Which Corpse Bride character am I?