Know your movie quotes?

There are smart people in our world. Those who think they are smarter than we...Think Vizzini from the Princess Bride. Here is your chance to show them that you KNOW KNOW KNOW your movie quotes! You can do this! Concentrate...and don't cheat!

Do you know your lines? Are you off-book on all these films? You should be... These are comedy classics, least some of them. I've thrown in some random dramas just to confuse you, too! Enjoy!

Created by: Natalie
  1. "I'm not shouting! Alright I am!"
  2. "Even smiling makes my face ache"
  3. "Well I have to save my ass."
  4. "He had this crazy idea about...breeding pine trees."
  5. "I'm an oak alright."
  6. "It's LeviOsa. She's a nightmare! Honestly! It's no wonder she hasn't got any friends!"
  7. "Tis a black river! Perhaps it is not too deep!"
  8. "What knockers!"
  9. "On the count of jump! Wait for it. Jump!"
  10. "What's Tequila?" "It's like beer."
  11. "Radar about to be...jammed."
  12. "With the 3 million I won with this lucky lotto ticket, I can take this $2500 and just blow it all on hats."
  13. "Wang! Pay attention!"
  14. "I'll bite your knee caps off!"

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Quiz topic: Know my movie quotes?