How well do you know the AMAZING Sterling Knight?!

There are many smart people but few... STERLING SMART people!! Have you got what it takes?! Are you a true Sterling fan? I hope not! Haha.. he is mine!

Ok ok! Let's see what you get. If you don't know him that much... try your best but if you do know him... HERE IS YOUR CHALLENGE!!! Mwahahaha! Love you random stranger!

Created by: Quiztogo

  1. How tall is he?
  2. What does he want to be?
  3. Where does he sing the best?
  4. Sterling _______ Knight ~what's his middle name?
  5. What are his sibling(s) name(s)?
  6. What instrument does he play?
  7. What color are his eyes?
  8. Did he have a hard childhood?
  9. When is his birthday?
  10. How old is he?
  11. What does he look for in a girl?
  12. What does he prefer in a girl?
  13. What has he always wanted to do?
  14. Whats his personality?
  15. What song did he sing?
  16. What movie did he star in?
  17. How long was the movie?
  18. Do you love STERLING KNIGHT!?!?!?!!?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the AMAZING Sterling Knight?!