How Well Do You Know Tanner Fox

Are You Appart of the Tfox Fam???? Take this quiz to find out!! Will you get 10%+ , 20%+ , 30%+ , 40%+ , 50%+ , 60%+ , 70%+ , 80%+ , 90%+ , 100%!?!?!?

Are YOU a genius? Take This quiz to find out if you're a true member of the Tfox Fam!! Remember if you haven't already, Subscribe to his channel and follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

Created by: Chloe

  1. How Old Is Tanner???
  2. Where Does Tanner Live??
  3. What Is Tanner Most Good At?
  4. When Is Tanner's birthday?
  5. What Year Was Tanner born in!?
  6. Here's a hard one! What is Tanner's Zodiac sign???
  7. When Did Tanner First start youtube?
  8. What Is His Dog's name?
  9. How much subs does he have RIGHT now?
  10. What car does he have

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Tanner Fox