Tanner Braungardt Quiz

There are many people who know Tanner Braungardt but they might not know his city, his brothers name and a ton lot more...... My YT : Channel is Aqua Gaming Agario 35+ Subs Please subscribe

Are you a genius yes/no Well I obviosly am because I created this quiz.... This is not made by Tanner Braungardt Or Tanner Fox I am one of Tanner B's big fans.....

Created by: Flexy

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  1. Who is Tanner Brungardt's brother called?
  2. What's is Tanner's dog called?
  3. How long has Tanner been doing youtube for?
  4. Did He get caught by the police by ropeswinging of a brigde
  5. What is Tanner's Friends Tanner's Surname
  6. Did Tanner teach his dad to backflip?
  7. Where do Tanner B live?
  8. Does Tannner B have facebook
  9. Did Tanner B's rap make you laugh(Optional Answer)?
  10. Who gives Tanner trampolines?
  11. Has Tanner B got a cat?

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