Tanner Fox is AMAZING

This quiz was to see who truly is a Tanner Fox SUPER FAN!! I also made this quiz to see how well me and my friend were at making a quiz!! We love Tanner Fox!!

We also made this quiz because we love Tanner Fox!! And we wanted to see who his true fans were!! We really wanted to make a quiz so we made it on someone we know a lot about !!!

Created by: Mabby of Quizzes
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  1. How Old is He?????
  2. What kind of car does he have???
  3. What state does he live in???
  4. What is his dogs name???
  5. True or False. He has a sibling???
  6. True or False. He runs a website?????
  7. What age did he learn to backflip on ground at???
  8. When is his Birthday???
  9. What is his ORIGINAL channel name???
  10. What does he do professionally??
  11. When did he start his channel????
  12. Tanner's favorite animal (not know for sure)

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