Which star sign do you act like??

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There are 12 different star signs sadly this only covers 10 so sorry guys. It excludes Sagittarius and Capricorn. Sorry peeps

HIA, PLEASE TAKE THIS QUIZ! This quiz is designed to find out which star sign you ACT like not which one you are please don't get confused. Please comment and rate :D cheers ;)

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. I am strong-willed
  2. I am honest
  3. I like to plan ahead
  4. I can be agressive and loud
  5. I am unpredjudiced
  6. I am usually serious but like a laugh now and again
  7. I sometimes like to be alone
  8. I am independant
  9. I am generous
  10. I am caring and kind
  11. I tend to worry about other peoples problems rather than my own
  12. I am Indecisive (keep changing my mind)
  13. I can be secretive
  14. I struggle to concentrate
  15. I love my freedom
  16. I will accept almost any challenge
  17. I can get impatient if things don't work out straightaway
  18. I am open and honest
  19. I am energetic and Generous
  20. I am determind and peaceful
  21. I have a good sense of humour and am fairly intellegent
  22. I hate change
  23. I need to be told I did well before I actually feel I've achieved something
  24. I am generally against fighting but will fight if provoked or attacked first
  25. I am immature at times ;)
  26. I'm happy when things are going right and miserable when things go wrong
  27. I have the ability to lie without being caught
  28. I have low self-esteem
  29. I am easily distracted
  30. I enjoy being at home and large families
  31. I am/seem unsociable
  32. I Daydream often
  33. I can be a bit OOT (Over the top)
  34. I am ambitious
  35. I am outgoing
  36. I am very determind when I set my mind to things
  37. I am Observant
  38. I struggle to show my emotions and tend to bottle them up
  39. I am intellegent and logical
  40. I am a Good judge of character
  41. I hate people who criticise
  42. I hate people who are cruel to others
  43. I am very understanding and sympathetic
  44. I don't like routines-they bore me
  45. I can be Emotional at times
  46. I am very energetic and/or sporty
  47. I have alot of self control

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Quiz topic: Which star sign do I act like??