How well do you know Star Wars

There are thousands among thousands of Star Wars fans, but are you a true fan? This quiz challenges you of some of the hardest questions of Star Wars. Good luck.

Are YOU a STAR WARS FANATIC? This Quiz challenges your opinion. Of course you have your own opinions but this is just a test to test your knowledge of the movie.

Created by: Matthew
  1. Who is the youngest member of the Jedi council?
  2. Who is the second most respected Jedi in the council
  3. What species is Ki Adi Mundi
  4. What Form of Lightsaber Combat did Mace Windu create
  5. How many children does the Solo family have and what are their names (Expanded Universe)
  6. What year was the Battle of Naboo?
  7. What is the most famous SW Movie
  8. Return Of The Jedi was directed by who
  9. When was A New Hope released
  10. During Obi Wan's visit on Kamino, the Prime minister said that the Clone Armies were requested by which Jedi Master
  11. What Form of Lightsaber combat does involve two lightSabers?
  12. Last Question: Where are the Ewoks from

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Star Wars