How well do you know Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

Hello fans of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, this is a quiz that will show how much you pay attention and focus on the episodes you watch, some will be basic ⬇

knowledge of the episodes while others will have information that you do not need to pay attention to, but we will see how well you focus and remember. Let's get started with these 25 questions

Created by: Mimzzz

  1. What is the name of Eclipsa's Daughter?
  2. What happened is Season 2 episode 1? NO CHECKING
  3. In which episode (season 3) do Star and Tom START to get back together again?
  4. In which episode (SEASON 3) does Marco realize that he has feelings for Star?
  5. In which episode does Marco CONFESS he likes Star?
  6. In which episode (SEASON 2) does Star confess her feelings for Marco?
  7. In what episode is Toffee defeated?
  8. In which episode does Star have to solve something to save her timeline?
  9. What is the name of Eclipsa's monster husband?
  10. In which episode does Star see Oskar for the first time?
  11. What event does Tom ask Star to in season 1?
  12. How long does Star freeze time for in the episode Freeze Day?
  13. In which episode does Star become queen?
  14. What is Pony Head's favorite TV show called?
  15. When do Marco and Jackie get together?
  16. What did Star write on her dad's back in "The Bogbeast of Boggabah"
  17. What was the fourth thing in the four pillars of brunch?
  18. What is Marco's favorite song?
  19. How many kids does Buff Frog have?
  20. What is the name of Tom's mother and father?
  21. What is the name of Ludo's little brother?
  22. How long was Eclipse crystalized?
  23. Who was the queen after Eclipsa?
  24. Which one of the Pony Head sisters was BORN WITHOUT A HORN?
  25. What is the name of Star's cousin?

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