Which Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Character said what?

Hello fans of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, this quiz will test your knowledge of the show and it's characters, you will be quizzed on which character said what

Hopefully you do well on this quiz and know what character said what or at least get most of these answers correct. let's get started with these 20 questions!

Created by: Mimzzz

  1. Who said: Yeah, but they worship someone who doesn't exist
  2. Who said: Remember,I'm not the only one with the horns
  3. Who said: I'm a misunderstood bad boy!
  4. Who said: Excellent work Buff Frog!
  5. Who said: I hate you're face, plus you're ugly!
  6. Who said: I'm mad because Star is mad!
  7. Who said: I think you broke the skin a little
  8. Who said: I work with what I'm given
  9. Who said: Remember baby, this is where we broke up, wanna get back together?
  10. Who said: He dumped me, I think, I didn't understand a word he was saying!
  11. Who said: Why don't you clean your room mom (in song)?
  12. Who said: Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to
  13. Who said: Hello Star and Marco!
  14. Who said: It's not criminal, to be an individual!
  15. Who said: This is not my department
  16. Who said: Globgore!
  17. Who said: Remind me to levitato Manfred
  18. Who said: I you wanted my heart, all you had to do was ask
  19. Who said: (As a child) Mommy, mommy, look! my cheeks are glowing, isn't it pretty!
  20. Who said: Mud sister!

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