How Much do You Know about Star Vs the Forces of Evil?

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Hi. It's me the maker of the quiz! If you are in the fandom of SVTFOE, you will ace it! If you didn't get SVTFOE, it's an abbreviation of Star vs the Forces of Evil!

Whatever you get, you will do great! And I know what you are thinking...GET ON WITH THE QUIZ! OK! I will! IN A FEW SECONDS YOU WILL TAKE IT! From Me, Myself, and I.

Created by: Mads
  1. What is Star's last name?
  2. Who is Star's arch nemesis in the beginning of the series?
  3. What are Star's parents names?
  4. What family did Star live with?
  5. What kingdom does Star live in?
  6. Where does Marco live?
  7. Who is Tom?
  8. Who is Star's best friend?
  9. Marco had three heads.
  10. Jackie and Marco are dating.
  11. Tom calls Star "Shining Star".
  12. Toffee got hit with dark magic.
  13. Other than Tom, Star get's called "Shining Star".
  14. Marco's parents are cool.
  15. Eclipsa married a monster
  16. What kind of candy does Eclipsa love?
  17. Who does Star have a crush on?
  18. Finally, *BONUS* (Not anything to do with SVTFOE) Who was Hercules in love with?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know about Star Vs the Forces of Evil?