are you ment for sith or jedi

Have you wonderd how you will act in the world of star wars either to use you powers for good or the evil well you can see what you will become and notice your actions you have chosen in situations you wilp have to be wise

Now see the world of star wars through your opnion and find out the answers to your question about what will happen either you choose the protecter jedi knight or the evil doing sith

Created by: alex mercer

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you want your robe color
  2. What is your lightsaber color
  3. The council has sense strong force within you but still dosent think your ready to become a real jedi
  4. You get your first real lightsaber battle with a deadly sith he is kneeling at your feet begging for mercy
  5. You go to planet and run in to natives
  6. You run into sith lords battling on a planet they outnumber you but see your way and make a offer to join them
  7. Younglings have ran to you for help after the council has been breached
  8. A beast on a remote and unknown planet andit charges at you
  9. Your master has sense a dark power In your ways
  10. You are confronted with the jedi council and they sense you are in danger from a dark force
  11. One day you look in a mirror and see your eye color change from dark deed or the good inside you what color
  12. Your friends and master notice a dark change in you and you barley have the strenght to change
  13. The biggest battle the jedi and sith is about to begin who do you fight for
  14. You grow weak and is the middle of the sith and the jedi both see how powerfull you are so you must chose finally who your true destiney is with

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Quiz topic: Am I ment for sith or jedi