Are you a Jedi or a Sith?

Are you one of those weak people known as the Jedi... or do you belong to the Sith? AHAHAH (Darth Sidious laugh) Choose your Path by taking this quiz and find out what your Destiny is! Light Vs Dark

Training, you must do.. to save the galaxy from evil, we must! Yoda your master, I am.. and choosing your path to glory has begun! Taking the Quiz, you Will do... *Releases Light-saber*

Created by: Xzwolf
  1. Would you take a hit for your friend?
  2. If you and your friend won $5,000,000.. would you take it and run if you had the chance or split it 50/50?
  3. What is your favorite color out of these choices?
  4. Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
  5. Pick One
  6. Anakin is the one who saved the galaxy from the Sith.
  7. Would you rather do your homework (Major Grade Project due the next day) or play with your friends?
  8. Would you prefer Day or Night?
  9. How are you today?
  10. True or False - Why does Darth Vader wear a mask?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Jedi or a Sith?