How much do you know about Star vs the Forces of Evil?

This Star vs the Forces of Evil quiz will help you determine your fan knowledge on your favorite show! this is just something I wanted to do for fun so I hope you have a fun time taking the quiz :)

There are a lot of tricky questions, but don't worry if you get a few or a lot wrong! I didn't even get 100%, and if you got a 100 then you're a better than than me!

Created by: Aisha

  1. What was the gas station called where Star and Marco fought for the first time?
  2. Which arm did Monster Arm exist in?
  3. How many tacos did Marco need to win the special prize at Britta's Tacos?
  4. What was Janna looking for on Mewni's Garbage Island?
  5. How many members of the High Commission are there?
  6. How old was star when inheriting the magic wand?
  7. What kind of show is Bam Ui Pati?
  8. Who killed Moon's mother?
  9. What is the dimension of Mewni and Earth called?
  10. Did Star and Marco end up together?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Star vs the Forces of Evil?