How well do you know Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty is one of the greatest actresses EVER and a beautiful person inside and out, try testing how much you know about her by taking this quiz.

Are you a Shannen Doherty fan? A Shannatic? Do you know everything about Shannen? Can you pass a simple twenty question quiz about this BEAUTIFUL women? Prove it by taking this quiz!

Created by: Rochelle
  1. What year was Shannen Born?
  2. Where was Shannen Born?
  3. At what age did she make her acting debut?
  4. At what age did she land the role of Jenny Wilder on "Little House on The Prairie?"
  5. What movie did Shannen star in in 1985 alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt?
  6. How many years did Shannen spend on Beverly Hills 90210?
  7. Who was Shannen's first husband?
  8. What are her parents names?
  9. How many siblings does Shannen have?
  10. Shannen is allergic to what two things?
  11. In which season of 24 did Shannen provide audio commentary?
  12. What Buffy the Vampire Slayer star shares the same birthDATE with Shannen?
  13. What is Shannen's full name?
  14. True or False? When Shannen was eleven she started her own shelter, 'ShanDo Kennels'?
  15. What color is Shannen's eyes?
  16. True or False? Shannen has Crohn's Disease?
  17. True or False? Shannen directed the "Charmed" episode The Good, The Bad and The Cursed?
  18. How many horses does Shannen have?
  19. What is Shannen's fave colors?
  20. What is the most Awesomest Shannen Website?

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