How well do you know Scooter?

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Only a small selection of people who take this quiz will get the title of 100% Scooter Fanatic. Just how much do you know about the band Scooter? Are you a fan or have you barely heard of the name?

Are you the 100% Scooter fanatic I have been searching for? Take this quiz to find out, good luck and the may the power of the beloved German Techno Lords be with you!!

Created by: Rider Of The Keyboards
  1. What year were Scooter formed?
  2. What was the original line-up of the band?
  3. What was the name of their debut album?
  4. What year did Axel join the band?
  5. What brand of keyboards does Rick use on stage the MOST?
  6. What was their first number 1 single in Germany?
  7. What City is the bands hometown?
  8. Who is the youngest member of the band?
  9. What style of music was their album ...and the beat goes on! ?
  10. Which of these tracks was NOT released as a single?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Scooter?