How Well Do You Know Pokemon?

Pokemon is a complex subject. Not only are there type advantages and disadvantages, there are five regions and 646 pokemon. But Pokemon is fun, and I made this quiz to prove your knowledge.

Do you think you can solve them all? Do you want to show your knowledge? Well now you can. Take this ten question quiz today for any reason and try to solve them all!!!

Created by: chikorita28
  1. What is true about Ash Ketchum?
  2. Who is Ash's rival in Unova?
  3. Who hits Brock with Poison Jab whenever he falls in love?
  4. Who has the advantage: Squirtle or Mawile?
  5. What do Arcanine, Flareon, and Ninetales have in common?
  6. Togetic is a ___ and ___ type.
  7. Harley is a...
  8. Assurance is a ___ type move.
  9. Which Pokemon are part of Kanto's Legendary Trio?
  10. Which animal is the most disgusting?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Pokemon?