How much do you know about Pokemon?

Pokemon is a very complicated topic, and there are few who are masters. There are so many trainers, types, pokemon, and regions to find them in. Pokemon experts love the pokemon so much!

Do you think that you know everything about Pokemon? There is so much, but if you have been studying, this quiz is totally for you. Well, what are you waiting for, lets see how you score!

Created by: riya

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  1. What color are raichu's cheeks?
  2. What pokemon does putitar evolve into?
  3. What region do ash and his friends travel in the pokemon DP battle dimension?
  4. What is the only type of pokemon not represented by a gym leader?
  5. What is the only fire pokemon that can learn Powder Snow?
  6. What pokemon was Ash originally supposed to start with, before it got replaced with Pikachu?
  7. What action will cause a pokemon to dislike you the most?
  8. What was the first pokemon ever created?
  9. What color are Bulbusaur's eyes?
  10. What is the smallest pokemon?(There are two answers but only one correct answer is on here)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Pokemon?