which kanto pokemon are you

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Lets take this quiz to see what Pokemon you are! The reason i made this quiz is because I have loved Pokemon since i was very little! If you love Pokemon too, then lets take this quiz!

So, are you a kind, shy Eevee type or a charming, fun Pikachu? So no matter who you get at the end of the quiz, I hope you enjoyed it! That's the main thing!

Created by: Ryan Devine

  1. what is your favourite school subject
  2. where would you live
  3. you are being bullied by some jerk you
  4. what do you do when your sick
  5. what is your greatest fear
  6. what is your favourite video game series not pokemon
  7. if you where to travel back in time where would you go
  8. you get into a fight with your brother you
  9. who do you hope you get after this quiz is finished
  10. this quiz is finished

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