pokemon starters quiz 1 gen 1-3 by Maya Pupia Shohamy

I have taken many quizes and decided to make some myself.I will focus on making regions 4-6 and soon after they have 9 regions I will make regions 7-9!

I will also make some pokemon knoledge tests.I think pokemon is a wonder show, and so do a ot of people I know.Give my thanks to the creator of pokemon.

Created by: maya

  1. what type would you rather be
  2. what color do you like best
  3. would you make a good fire fighter
  4. what region are you from
  5. did ash ever catch someone of your kind
  6. how would you describe yourself the most of
  7. you see a bellosom and a beartic fighting. what do you do?
  8. what does your name start with
  9. can you mega evolve.if so how it how many different forms
  10. does you name have a word or mutiple words in it

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