What is your Alolan starter Pokémon?

Alola(hello)!Pokemon are such fascinating creatures. In the different regions there are different starters, and this quiz nails the Alolan region, featuring Litten the fire type, Popplio the water type,and Rowlet the grass/flying. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. They are all great!

What is your starter pokemon in the Alola region? From the tv show and video games Pokemon Sun And Moon, you will see what pokemon best suits YOU. Let's get started my dudes! :)

Created by: TheCrafterGod123

  1. Pick a colour
  2. What is your favorite type?
  3. Choose a season(s)
  4. What is your fave. final evolution(not including mega evolution)
  5. What pokemon are on your team?
  6. What do you want to be?
  7. What is your fave. type of food?
  8. Pick a region
  9. Pick a basic pokemon
  10. Last question: Pick your travel buddys

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Quiz topic: What is my Alolan starter Pokémon?