How well do you know Percy Jackson (Trivia 500)

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Well many people think they know all about Percy Jackson and Greek Gods but do they really? If you know someone who thinks there smart and know every about Percy Jackson and Greek gods give them this quiz!

Ahh do YOU think you can get 100% on my test mwahahaha just try the 8th and 10th and I bet you will give up it is not easy let me warn you only a true genius (like me) can complete it good luck!

Created by: Annabeth Jackson

  1. What is Annabeth's last name?
  2. What is Grover?
  3. What is Zeus the God of?
  4. Who is Percy Jacksons dad?
  5. What is the official term for a half blood?
  6. What does C H B stand for?
  7. How many Olympians are there
  8. what is riptide?
  9. Why is Annabeth afraid of spiders?
  10. What is Tyson

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson (Trivia 500)