How much do you Know about Percy Jackson's World?

Have You ever wondered what it would be like if the greek Gods were real? well in Percy's world that's a daily task. In this quiz you will be able to quiz your senses on all things Percy.

Do you think your a total wiz when it comes to Greek Gods(and Roman), ancient monsters, and the terrfying life of a Demigod?? Well, good. Test your trivia with this simple quiz. Let's see how smart you are.

Created by: TejedaMSTexan4ever!!!
  1. (I'll start easy)What was Percy's first quest.
  2. Who are Zeus's godly children with Hera
  3. Who was the Cyclopes' jailer when the Titan's ruled?
  4. What happens when you eat a fruit from Persophone's Garden?
  5. What happened to Leo in Chapter 2 of THe Lost Hero?
  6. Why did Jason not act on his feelings toward Piper in the Lost Hero?
  7. What gift was Percy given in the Last Olympian?
  8. What are one of the reasons Luke so bitter throughout the Olympian series?
  9. Why is Hazel cursed?
  10. How is Percy and Frank related?
  11. Percy was embrassed to have Tyson as a brother at first, why?
  12. The Giants talked about destorying the roots of the Gods what did they mean?

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Quiz topic: How much do I Know about Percy Jackson's World?