How well do you know One Direction? (Very easy!)

Erm, okay. This is just another 'Do you know One Direction' quiz but with WAAAYYY easy questions. If you score really low on this, than you, my friend, aren't really a directioner.

BUT, if you scored good (higher than 60) than you my, AWESOME, friend, IS AN DIRECTIONER THAT CAN ANSWER THESE SIMPLE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY, DAMMIT! Lol, bye noooww.

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

  1. Who is the bad boy?
  2. Who is the sensible one? (Or smart one..)
  3. Who is the funny one?
  4. Who is the Irish lad? (Easy, yea, I know..)
  5. Who is the flirt?
  6. When is Zayn's b-day?
  7. What is Liam's worst fear?
  8. What is Harry's worst habit?
  9. What is Niall's favorite color?
  10. What is the most important thing to Louis? (Besides his gf xP)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction? (Very easy!)