How much do u know about one direction

This is a simple quiz about one direction! You can test your mind to the limit and you can have the opportunity to discover your inner directioner!!!!

Are you one of the vast minority? Take this quiz and find out! How do you think you'll do, you can only find out if you take this quiz! Are you up for the challenge?

Created by: Bethany
  1. Do u like one direction
  2. How old is Harry styles
  3. How old is Louis Tomlinson
  4. How old is Niall horan
  5. How old is Liam Payne
  6. How old is zayn malik
  7. Who is the best member
  8. What is the worst member
  9. Do u believe that one day you'll marry a member of one direction
  10. In what year did one direction unite

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