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  • Hey, funnymaker! Remember me? Nikki Knox? Well, I'd like to say how much I appreciated your comment on my quiz. But, there's something I don't understand: you said no offensive comments on your quiz, but you posted hateful things on MINE? You called me an advertising pain in the dck, but I see your advertisements EVERYWHERE? Something doesn't connect... Oh, that's right, you're a hypocrite!

    Now it makes sense, you must be a big pile of dogs---, just sitting there on the curb. Now, I don't want to dish on your quiz or, more specifically, on you, but go back and take "What's your worst quality?". Not for the advertising, but for the sweet, thoughtful, nice comment I put all about you and how I told everyone not to take your quizzes.

    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll understand the way I describe you as a hobo's asswipe and will find it just as amusing as I found your hateful comment. Enjoy!

    Oh, and by the way, just to be a pain in the dck, I'm going to advertise on this quiz. Kisses!

  • Hello again, little person. How are you? I just love what you wrote on my quizzes, a real hilarity. Just so you know, I DON'T GIVE A s--- about what's going on in your life. If your looking for sympathy, you won't get it from me. You know why? Because you're not the only one with a messed up life, I know people who have been through events that you couldn't imagine in your wildest nightmares and your "sob stories" are pitiful, really. You are just re-stating the inevitable.About your bunny and your grandma, it's UNAVOIDABLE. Death is part of life, do you think everyone is going to sympathize? No, so shut up and go cry in a corner.

    Also, if this argument is so pointless, why do you bother posting more than 3 comments on only one of my quizzes, not to mention all the other hate you leave on my other quizzes? I think you need to tell Mommy about your naughty habits on the internet, considering that she wouldn't approve of your language and anger.

    You, little idiot, are a hypocrite. Look it up if you don't know what that means. I'm prety sure you are friendless, considering your idiotic and angry personality. Well, this was fun, your hate seriously amused me.

    BTW, I love where your quizzes are going... where exactly? Oh yeah, no where. Your quizzes are horrible, and everyone agrees. At least most of my quizzes were popular, unlike yours.

    Ciao! ;)

  • smank


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