How well do you know michael jackson?

Hello yall its me funny maker here to make yall laugh once more. this is my lateset work so i hope you like has ADULT humor in it so if your under 14 then back back now!!!!!!!

Just to tell you guys this may be OFFENSIVE to some sudden mj lovers so if you dont like offensive mj jokes then turn back now!! but no need to get upset becuz if mj wasnt dead im sure youd be laughin yo ass off! honstly i hate all there hypocrites. jon lo my main man! PLEASE COMMENT I DONT CARE IF THEIR HATE MESSAGES PLEASE JUST COMMENT! THX i know u will.

Created by: funnymaker

  2. What year was mcihael jackson born?
  3. Why did michael jackson carry a monkey around?
  4. what was the unrealeased song on his history album that was never realeased to the public?
  5. Why did michael jackson grab his groin so much?
  6. why did michael jackson hate his father so much?
  7. why did michael jackson wear one glove?
  8. when joe jackson abused his son what did he do first?
  9. how was michael jackson created?
  10. why did michael jackson and and lisa presley get divorced?
  11. why did michael jackson builed neverland ranch?
  12. why did michael jackson turn white and lie and say it was vitiligo?
  13. what did michael jackson carry in his suit case while on tour?
  14. how did michael jackson REALLY die?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know michael jackson?