How well do you know Megaton in Fallout 3?

There are many people who know lots about Megaton, but others are not so good. This is to test your knowledge of Megaton in Fallout 3. Try to do well on it.

Do you know some facts about Megaton? Do you have what it takes to have the smarts for that place? Imagine, you can tell your friends about it and laugh your guts off when they pick the wrong answer. Thanks to the quiz, you can find out.

Created by: Paolo

  1. Who does drugs in the middle of the night?
  2. Who gaurds the gate at Megaton?
  3. Who will lead you further through the game?
  4. Who has family living some where else on the map?
  5. Who wants to write a book?
  6. What is the history of Megaton?
  7. Who are the town's two children?
  8. How do you become extremely evil?
  9. Do you think this quiz is good?
  10. Who wants to blow up the bomb?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Megaton in Fallout 3?