How Much Do You Know About Fallout 3?

Fallout 3 is a giant game. Normally a quiz about such a big subject would be 48 questions long. This quiz has narrowed it down. Some questions may be really hard, some will be really easy, good luck! (THE CAKE IS A LIE)

Are you a fallout 3 l77t? Do you laugh at the n00bs as you beat the game over and over? In just a minuet you can see, are you a fallout 3 l77t? Or are you just a n00b?

Created by: smith
  1. What is your dad's name?
  2. Is there an ending to the game?
  3. You came from what vault?
  4. The clones of "Gary" came from what vault.
  5. What is the maximum level?
  6. Is there an alien in the game?
  7. Who is the president (in the game)?
  8. Can you die of old age when you are a ghoul?
  9. Is there a talking tree in the game?
  10. Is there a lincon action figure in the game?
  11. Can you go back to vault 101?
  12. Is there a giant robot in the game?
  13. How old is your character?
  14. When does the game take place?
  15. Are there cannibals in the game?
  16. Are there dragons in the game?
  17. What is the code to the purifier?
  18. Why did dad leave?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Fallout 3?