Fallout 3 Quiz!

This is a Quiz to see if you have got what it takes, if you have got the power and if you've got the knowledge to complete this Fallout 3 quiz and come out on top!

Do you have the brainpower to complete such and amazing quiz and an even better game? Well if you wanna find out then this great quiz will show you! Just let your mind flow into the game of Fallout 3?

Created by: Marissa
  1. Right! Starting off at the beginning... What is the name of the first friend you meet?
  2. One of these places does not exist in the game which one is it?
  3. One of these places is somewhere were you can't find a bobblehead, which one is it?
  4. Which place is known as the city of ghouls?
  5. Which of these weapons does not exist on the game?
  6. Which one of these can you buy for your house, in megaton?
  7. Their is an alien on the game that had crash landed in the wasteland and died on impact...
  8. A Yao Gui descended from what?
  9. Which one of these robots does not exist in the game?
  10. In the download The Pitts how many steel ingots are there in the Steel Yard?
  11. In the wasteland there is a place filled with trees and grass despite the land being obliterated!..
  12. How do you obtain the Boogeyman Hood?
  13. There is a place on the game called Spencer where you have to kill 2 Radroaches and a Mole Rat to get to a first aid box filled with chems...
  14. You can get a download to ride Brahmin, so you can get to places faster...
  15. A man in megaton has a problem with chems and when you help him he gives you a key to them, Where is his stash of chems?
  16. You can see your mother in ghost form on a high hill far west of Megaton?
  17. Where did your mother die?

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