How Well Do You Know Me?

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My name is Sam, and I'm new. This is my first quiz, so please don't get annoyed with me. That is me in the picture. I am a British exchange student, and currently I am residing in Florida with 'housing parents', or kind people who volunteered to take me in as their own until I graduate high school.

Let's see how clever you really are. I just gave you some information up in the first paragraph. Good luck, and we'll get to see how well you know me!

Created by: Sammywich

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  1. What's my name?
  2. How old am I?
  3. Why am I in America?
  4. In what country is my home?
  5. What's my favourite color?
  6. What's my little sister's name?
  7. What kind of pets do I have?
  8. What is my favourite activity?
  9. What's my boyfriend's name?
  10. Click ':)' if you thought this quiz was boring. Click ':D' if you thought this quiz was okay.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?