How Well Do You Know Your Florida?

Florida is a wonderful state to live in, or to visit, but during the summer, things will REALLY start to heat up! You should plan your visit. Grab the bags, get the kids, because pools are the main thing to cool you down in Florida!

I hope you studied for this quiz, because I went full power on making this quiz! I WAS going to make a quiz for California, then I realize "I've never visited California!", so that's when I went for a state I've been to before! Florida!

Created by: xDicerSlicer720
  1. Which state is NORTH of Florida, but WEST of Georgia?
  2. Which GULF is WEST of Florida?
  3. Which lake is in southern Florida?
  4. Which major city is in Southern Florida?
  5. What is Florida's state flower?
  6. What is Florida's most common nickname?
  7. Who is the CURRENT governor of Florida?
  8. How many state counties are in Florida?
  9. How many districts are in Florida?
  10. Which major hurricane struck Florida head-on in 1992?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Florida?