Are you a true Floridian?

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Are you a true Floridian? Take this general Florida quiz to find out! It mostly common knowledge that all residents should know. Lets hope you aren't a fake one!

Click below to start! Warning if you are not from this state and have absolutely no knowledge of Florida in any way.. I would recommend not continuing you will not understand most of this quiz!

Created by: realfloridian

  1. Do you know how long Disney is from your house?
  2. Are you afraid of Alligators?
  3. Have you been to the Keys before?
  4. Do you know what times are the best to head to amusement parks?
  5. How do you feel about snowbirds?
  6. Are you a seminole fan or gators fan?
  7. Beach or Lake party?
  8. Orange Juice or Milk in the morning for breakfast ?
  9. What times should you NOT drive on I-4?
  10. Do you shop at Publix?
  11. Are you freaked out about hurricanes?
  12. How cold is cold to you?
  13. How hot is hot to you?
  14. Do you think that all of the people that live in Florida are rednecks and that it is full of alligators roaming the streets and lakes?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Floridian?