How well do you know me?

hey take my quiz. Do you know me like my enemy would? Do you know me like my frenemy would? Do you know me like my friend would? Or do you know me like my bestie would???

Do you know me well, or no? Are you, like, My BFF or not? Rate and comment wih your answer please and thank you i bet you know me pretty well... or not.

Created by: Omega_Wolf

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  1. What color hair do I WISH I have?
  2. What is my favorite book series?
  3. What grade am I in?
  4. What color are my eyes?
  5. What is my favorite shoe brand?
  6. favorite band?
  7. Who is my favorite warrior cat I rp?
  8. What is my favorite time of day?
  9. What is my favorite animal?
  10. Which GoToQuiz forum do i go on the most?
  11. Do I prefer the beach or mountains?
  12. What is My favorite TV show?
  13. What is my favorite Game Show?
  14. Who is my favorite warrior cat?
  15. Who is my favorite Wings Of Fire character?
  16. Am I a male or female?
  17. What would I name my dog if I had to name it?
  18. What is my favortie car brand>
  19. What is my fear?
  20. Who is my Favorite Harry Potter character>
  21. What is my favorite food?
  22. What is my favorite type of cheese?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?