Teenage Chronicle Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 guise! (: I didn't mention this before, but I dedicate this to Aria, because it was her idea for me to keep writing. If it weren't for her I wouldn't of really thought about continuing the series :p

Characters so far... Daniel: Light Brown hair, and Topaz colored eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Really Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. "_____!" I heard Ezra call from downstairs. I walked into my room, shutting the doors that led to the balcony, and walked downstairs. "Yeah?" I questioned walking in. She was on the phone, with a somewhat panicked and relieved expression. "Hold on." She said into the phone. "Its my dad. He's got new about the him and the guys." She said looking at me. I almost dropped to my knees. "What is it?" I said. My heart was racing, and beating so loud that I could hear them in my own ears. My blood was rushing through my veins, driving me crazy. What if it was bad? I couldn't handle it. I just couldn't. I was barely getting by with Ezra. I was trying to keep myself under control. It took my every ounce of energy. "Hold on." She said to me. I couldn't wait any longer, but I had too. Ezra was looking down at the ground, her eyes watery from hearing her fathers voice for the first time in three whole months. "I missed you so much dad." Ezra choked out. "Are you guys okay?" What happened?" She asked. A few minutes later she looked back up to me. I tried to read her expression, but her face showed no emotion. "When?" She asked. I was on the brink of bursting out into tears. They were either going to be tears of joy, or tears of agony, pain, and sorrow. "I love you dad." Ezra said hanging up.
  2. "What? What happened?" I asked. I couldn't stay calm anymore. "Ezra say something!" I snapped. She looked up. "he's okay." She smiled. "Great, I'm happy for you. But what about the guys?" I asked a little to harshly. "There coming back." Ezra smiled. All the tension in my body exploded out of me. I felt to relieved and so happy it was crazy. I felt so much emotion that I started to cry tears of joy. I hugged Ezra tightly. "When are they coming back?" I asked her. "My dad said they should be here in less then a week." She smiled wiping away tears. A week felt like forever, but right now I didn't ever care. As long as I knew they were coming back. "What happened?" I asked Ezra. "I don't know. My dad said he would explain it to us when he arrived. It didn't sound bad though." She said. I once again, felt relieve. They did the mission with out anything bad happening, and I was so grateful.
  3. I was so much less worried now. I wasn't in agony anymore. I didn't feel sad or gloomy. I felt a lot more uplifted and happy. The stress was officially gone. "Well it's late. I cried my eyes out and now I'm tired." Ezra said laughing. I agree with her though. Every time I cried, my eyes would feel a lot heavier and dry. I always slept like a baby though. "I with you on that one." I said. "Tomorrow, we have to go shopping though. After school?" Ezra questioned. I thought about it. It's been awhile since I've been shopping. Buying a new wardrobe didn't sound bad. "I'm in." I smiled at Ezra and walked upstairs. I walked onto the balcony and sat down. All I did was stare, and observe. How is it that the night can be so dark, yet beautiful. One thing is for sure is that I officially like star gazing. Tyler and Jake sort of rubbed off on me.
  4. I looked around the block. The block we lived on was a long curved road, with woods and groups of trees here and there. There were few houses on the block but thats because they take up so much room since there so big. Suddenly I felt chills creep up and down my spine. the air around me was so cold I could see my own breath in the darkness. The only light I had was from the lamp posts on our block and the city skyline. I rubbed my hands on my arms trying to produce heat, but failed. I stood up to return to my room but stopped. I saw another one of those shadows. It was lurking around hovering in a tree. Just a blob of smoky, dark air. I didn't wait to find out what happened next. I jumped into my room, locked the door, and shut the curtains. I tried with all my willpower to erase the memory from my mind. I grabbed my I-Pod and stuffed the headphones into my ear. A few minutes later I feel into a deep sleep.
  5. -- I was standing outside a dark motel. There were few cars in the parking lot. I looked around. Where was I? It looked like a motel on a side of the highway. All I saw was a dirt path, and darkness after that. I went turned back to face the motel. The sign above it read 'Rocky'S Motel' in blue letters. The air smelled like oil, and burn food. It made my stomach hurt. I decided to go into the motel instead of standing outside in the eerie darkneSS. A bell rang as I walked in. I saw a middle aged man behind a counter. He was bald, with a black bandana around his forehead, and had a blonde mustached. I could of mistaken him for a weird version of hulk hogan. He was definitely a biker, as in a motorcycle, and it scared me a little. "Hi, uhm where am I?" I asked. But the man didn't even look up. "Excuse me?" I said. He didn't move, just flipped a page of a motorcycle magazine. "Hello?" I raised my voice a little. What is this guys problem. Is he deaf? No really is he? I went to knock on the counter. He didn't even move. I poked him. Still no movement. I heard the bell go off behind me and I turned around. It was Erika. "What are you doing here?" I asked and glared at her. She didn't say anything to me, just walked past me to the man. "How may I help you?" The man looked up from the magazine. I dropped my jaw. "HELLO?" I waved my arms in front of him. Thats when I realized they couldn't see me. "I'm here to meet my boyfriend." She said. Her strawberry blonde hair was still hanging down to her waist, and her lime green eyes were bright. She was wearing jeans, a pair of toms, a black sweater, and a pink scarf that looped around her neck.
  6. "Last name?" The man set the magazine down and grabbed a giant book that was used for people to check in and out. "Clementi." She said in a normal voice. It was a lot less cold, and harsh. Who was her boyfriend? I had to see this. "Room 118." The man said and picked up the magazine again. "Thank you." She said and walked out. I followed her into the cool, darkness. The lights outside were dimmed and some were broken. We walked past the double digits. She walked up a pair of metal stairs. I followed behind, making sure I didn't loose sight of her. She finally walked up to the orange door that read 118 in bronze numbers. She knocked three times. I waited patiently with her. That was weird, but after a few minutes the door swung open. The room was full of darkness and all I saw was a outline of a male figure. Tall, and a little muscular. "Hey babe!" Erika said and the guy walked down. My heart dropped. It was Jake.
  7. I literally stopped breathing for a second. My heart twisted itself painfully. I had no words to explain how hurt I felt. Why was he still with her? After all this time of telling me he wanted to be with me. Telling me how much he hated her. It was all a lie. A big, fat, stupid lie. All which I believed. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her in for a hug. She giggled and looped her arms around his neck. "It's cold out here. Wanna come in?" He pulled away and asked. She nodded. I rushed through the door. Anger raging through me. My blood pounding through my veins. Tears started to stream down my face but I refused to let them continue. "How could you lie to me?" I yelled. they couldn't hear me but so what? I had to let my anger out. I walked up to Erika and pushed her. She didn't budge. "Aggghh!" I groaned and fell to the ground. I laid my back against the wall and watched them. I looked at the wall. "Oh my god." I wiped my tears away. I stood up and walked over to the calendar. "September 27, 1953?" I said to myself. I must have been in their memory. "I missed you." Erika said sitting on the bed next to Jake. "I missed you, too." Jake smiled and I almost feel to my knees. He had the best smile ever, and showing it off to my enemy? It killed me. He put his arm around her, and I died a little. This looked nothing like I expected it to look 50 years ago. Well is explained why the cars looked different...but still they dressed casual. "I have to ask you something." She said. Her expression changed. "Yeah?"He looked at her. I recognized the look on her face. Its the face she has when she's angry, and thats the only face I know. She always has that evil look in her eye, and right now it was back. I knew something back was going to happen.
  8. "I did something bad..." Erika said standing up. "Whats wrong?" Jake said and grabbed her hands. I felt a little jealous. She grinned. "You'll find out soon." Erika had her evil grin on. "Boys!" She whistled and about 10 of her guys in black came busting in through the door, bathroom, and window. I gasped. This must be the day she betrayed him. "Who was the girl you were with a week ago?" Erika asked Jake who was now being held by each man on his side. "What are you talking about?" Jake asked struggling in their possession. "Hmm. Let me try to refresh your memory." Erika's cold grin now turned into a death glare. "About a week ago you went to an amusement park with a girl. This girl." She held up a picture I couldn't see. I squeezed in between Erika and Jake. She was holding a picture of me. "Whats her name? _____ right?" She grinned and my body went cold.
  9. His eyes never left the picture of me. He stared, and stared. "Why were you with her?" Erika asked. Out of all the crazy, jealous, physco girlfriends, the tops the list. Jake hesitated. I knew he couldn't tell the truth. She would come for me. Well I don't really know much about what happened in my "Past Life". I was just kind of assuming. "She's just a friend Erika. Why are you freaking out?" Jake said now staring at her. "Freaking out? No." She laughed. "I'm just wondering why your starting to fall for her." She didn't even ask, she stated it. Erika already had to know that he liked her, well me. "I-I can't choose who I like Erika. Listen, I love you. Isn't that all that matters?" He asked. I could tell he was hurt. My heart pummeled itself when he said I love you. "Can't you see Jake? We're over. Now all I have to do is find that ____." She growled. "No!" Jake tackled forward but got stopped by the guys. "Leave her out of this. You want to get even, do it on me not her." Jake said. His eyes were panicking. "This isn't about getting even. This is about my satisfaction." She laughed and walked out of the room. ONe of the guys punched Jake and he was out cold. "Jake!" I screamed.
  10. -- I woke up panting. My heart was racing and I was in a cold sweat. "I-It was all a dream." I said to myself breathing hard. It was cold in my room. Super cold. I looked around. The moon's glow peered through my window curtain, and I realized I left my windows open. I stood up and steadied my breathing. I walked over to the windows and shut it. I peered out and saw a shadow standing on the lawn. I closed my eyes. "It's just my imagination. Only my imagination." I said through gritted teeth. I opened my eyes again. The shadow was gone. I think I'm going crazy. I walked myself back to my bed and laid out flat on my back. My ceiling was covered with about a billion pictures. I spent the next hour staring at them, creating scenarios of me and the guys. I was excited, and nervous at the same time. My eyes started feeling heavier and slowly my eyes lids closed again, and I went back to sleep.
  11. My phone went off. "Ugh." it was playing a good song but It was to early for this. I hate thursdays. I grabbed my phone and put it on silent. "You up?" Ezra peeked her head through my door. "Have to be don't I?" I replied pulling myself out of bed. "Cheer up." She laughed and walked back out. Who ever thought it was a good idea to have teenagers wake up so damn early was wrong, and should've been hit upside the head with a brick. I walked into my closet and put on a pair of clothes. After I went to the bathroom and did the usual hair, makeup, teeth, perfume routine. Once I was satisfied with myself I walked back downstairs to Ezra. "Want to hit Caribou Coffee?" She asked just as my stomach grumbled. "Sure." I replied and we walked out of the house. Ezra jumped into her car and I did, too. Time flew by and we picked up out food. I ordered a muffin and hot chocolate, while ezra grabbed a mocha and cookie. Ten minutes later we pulled up into the school's lot and parked. Once again it was a cloudy day. Yay, time to go to school.
  12. We walked up the steps and into the school. "We have to go to Mr. Babe to give him our detention make up." Ezra told me. I was to tired so I just shrugged and followed her. The hallways were pretty full with people just hanging around with their friend before school officially started. We shoved ourselves past the crowds and tried to make out way to Mr. Gabe. "The next person who pushes me Is going to get hurt." I mumbled. Some kid behind me kept stepping on the back off my shoe and I turned and glared at him. One look and he stopped. We turned to the hall way where Mr. Gabe's classroom is and I was relieved that there weren't many students. I opened the door and dropped all my stuff. "Surprise!" Ezra giggled. Jake was standing there.

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