Warrior Cats Love Story {Part 1}

Which tom will you like? There are three in total land I'll describe them here so you know what your getting into. Duskheart: Straight forward and sleekfurred. Childhood friend. Jaywing: Casual and cautious. Socially awkward, childhood friend. Bonefang: Creepy and way to straightforward. Clan enemy.

But which of the toms is your perfect crush? Which tom will steal your heart? They all like you and all have appearances, no cat left behind! And remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Created by: Ravensky232

  1. "We welcome your courage and bravery, and welcome you as a warrior of Thunderclan." Your fathers voice rings out above the camp as he pronounces your warrior name.
  2. Your kithood friends approach you. Duskheart, and Jaywing. "Follow me, y/n. I'll show you to your nest." Says Duskheart. Jaywing sends him a sharp glance.
  3. You see two spaces for a nest next to either Jaywing or Duskheart. There's also a space in between both of them. Which do you choose?
  4. It's been a few moons and your walking alone in the forest when a tom leaps from a bush and pulls you into a cave hidden in a rock crevasse.
  5. Whatever you try and say or do, the tom has you pinned down, hovering centimeters above your muzzle. He is a muscular black tom with strong muscles.
  6. "I'm Bonefang." He meowed. You could feel his warm breath on your muzzle. "I've been watching you and noticed your beauty. I just had to meet you." He pushed his muzzle forward to touch yours.
  7. {Answer only if you kissed back!} Bonefang smiled down at you and got off of you, yet blocked the only way out.
  8. {Answer only if you pulled back!} Bonefang glared down at you. "Wanna play it like that, huh? Well to bad!" Bonefang kissed you again. "Your staying with me."
  9. {Answer only if you kissed back!} Jaywing, Duskheart, and a she-cat came through a secret entrance to see you and Bonefang making 'lovey eyes' at each other. The toms glared at Bone, and the white furred she cat was open mouthed.
  10. {Answer only if you jerked back} Jaywing, Duskheart and a white furred she cat came through a secret exit to see you squirming to get free as Bone planted another kiss on your lips. "Y/N!?!" They shouted.
  11. Well this is the end of the first part! I hope you liked it!

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