Are you asocial, anti social, or socially awkward?

Anti social and asocial get confused very often. Not only that, but people often forget about socially awkward! It's not even what you think, considering socially awkward has less to do with a teenaged boy with bright pink hair and more to do with a person struggling with socialization.

So which one are you? Asocial? Anti social? Socially awkward? Are you none of them? Well you won't know unless you speak to a professional! Except this quiz doesn't cost you anything so I'd recommend this quiz!

Created by: BeansAndEggs
  1. How do you feel about social norms?
  2. How often do you hang out with friends?
  3. How would you determine on whether or not you would hang out with someone (on a day you're not busy)?
  4. Do you ever lie or deceive people for the fun of it? Do you think about how the person feels afterwards?
  5. Do you feel as if your conversations don't flow properly with others?
  6. Are you often told that what you say is weird or uncalled for?
  7. What do you think of people?
  8. What does a friend mean to you?
  9. Would you want many friends?
  10. Do you find yourself uninterested with socialization, current events, or human beings in general?

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Quiz topic: Am I asocial, anti social, or socially awkward?