Are You Socially Awkward?

Hey, you! Yeah, the one with the face! Do people look at you weirdly when you're out and about? Do you ever get the sense that people are talking about you behind your back? Well, you may just be socially awkward! Take this quiz to find out!

PLEASE don't feel offended by your result. This is just a quiz, and I'm not claiming that it's very accurate, or sponsored by anyone or anything like that. Sorry for any typos of if it's too short or your liking!

Created by: KilljoyRainbow
  1. What happens when you have to give a speech to the public?
  2. Do you pick your nose? Be honest; this is anonymous!
  3. Do you burst into song at inappropriate times?
  4. Do you dance at inappropriate times?
  5. Let's do some roleplay: You're hanging out with some friends and something happens that reminds you of an inside joke, but these friends don't know the joke. You...
  6. You're in high school, and you're sitting alone with a really attractive person of your preferred gender. They have something in their eye, and you tell them so. They think this is the cue to move in and kiss you! What do you do?
  7. Okay, role-play time is for the forseeable future. Be honest, do people ever look at you strangely when you are out and about?
  8. This is a very important question: Are you okay?
  9. Do you ever give out free hugs?
  10. Hello!

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Quiz topic: Am I Socially Awkward?