Are you an orch dork?

There are stereotypes about almost every type of person. And at schools, it's not hard to tell who's who: you have the popular kids, the geniuses, the drama kids, the athletes, the writers, the choir students, the band nerds. The orch dork is rarer, but still occasionally found. Some people would define an orch dork as a different version of a band nerd: a socially awkward kid who is obsessed with classical music. But what really is an orch dork? Who are we really?

An orch dork is a person who loves classical music and is a talented musician. Orch dorks love being in orchestras and playing music in general. They love to talk about music, especially topics related to their orchestra. They are often serious music students, and for that reason people tend to be secretly a little intimidated by their knowledge and success. It can be hard for an orch dork to find like-minded people, since there aren't many. For more on orch dorks, visit [no urls] Since I made a quiz on this topic, you might think that I am an orch dork. And you are correct in doing so. Now are you one?

Created by: violagirl of Peace, Love, Viola
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What era of music do you prefer?
  2. What are your favorite pieces by Beethoven?
  3. How many orchestral instruments can you list?
  4. How many modern era composers can you list off the top of your head? (Modern composers counting as composers that wrote music in the twentieth and and twenty first centuries.)
  5. How many orchestral string instruments are there?
  6. How many viola jokes do you know off the top of your head?
  7. Do you play any instruments?
  8. If you play one instrument, how fluent are you at playing?
  9. If you play multiple instruments, how fluently do you play?
  10. Which describes your participation in music?
  11. What music do you like to listen to?
  12. Do you know what a viola is?
  13. How many orchestral wind and brass (including the modern additions) instruments can you list?
  14. Which of the following ensembles do you play in?
  15. If you play an instrument, how much do you practice?

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Quiz topic: Am I an orch dork?